We invite anyone and everyone to have a part in GEMS

. We are praying that God will send forth laborers into His harvest. Maybe this is you. We are looking for missionaries to come to Ghana and have a part in reaching Ghana with the Gospel. I assure you that when you give your life to God as a missionary you will have no regrets. However, Luke 14 tells us that if we want to be Christ’s disciple we should count the cost. It is for this reason I give to you a list of things that you should be aware of in order that you might count the cost before joining us:

Are you willing to forsake all for Christ?

  1. Family & Friends - Even if that means you can’t return for weddings & funerals
  2. Home - Are you willing to never have a place to call “yours” again?
  3. America – Even if you know it is for good.
  4. Health – Are you willing to leave, knowing you may not be able to return even if you are sick or pregnant?
  5. Wealth – Are you willing to live in poverty that others might be made rich?

Are you willing to:

  1. Die on the mission field?
  2. Bury your family members on the mission field?
  3. Be sick most days of your life on the mission field?
  4. Live without most of the modern amenities we are afforded in America?
  5. Not have a retirement plan?
  6. Not have a house to call your own?
  7. Live by faith- not knowing how God will take care of your needs?
  8. Live without your wants?


This is not to say that the above list is a list of requirements, but it is a list of things of which we must be willing. If you and your family cannot say yes to all these “counting the cost” questions, then GEMS is probably not for you. However, if you and your family have thoroughly discussed all these costs and still have the desire to join, please contact us for further information about how you can join GEMS.